About Us

Zen Diamond, leader in diamond jewellery in Turkey, is offering modern diamond designs and collections by adding an innovative approach to an inherited experience of a family creating fine quality jewellery since 1890. Having the largest production capacity in Europe, Zen Diamond is meeting varied expectations and different budgets by offering a large product range in diamond jewellery. Zen Diamond’s collections not only include essential classics like solitaire, tria, wedding rings but also jewellery designs combining colorful stones with diamond which can be worn day and night. Zen Diamond also produces various accessories for men such as watches, tie clips, cuff links, pens, wallets and belts with diamonds.

If you’re looking for an exceptional, charming, and precious gift for yourself or the ones you love, Zen Diamond is the answer with its expertise in diamond jewellery, its credibility, its after-sale services, and its various diamond designs.

Zen Diamond has been the leader in export of diamond jewellery for the last five years. Presenting its new designs to the international stage in the world, such as National Geographic Collection, which has made Zen Diamond the first and only jewellery producer of National Geographic Society. Every year, Zen Diamond attends all the biggest fairs on the jewellery market and participate to all the market with a global understanding. Zen Diamond follows the latest trends around the world and projects them upon new designs.

As a key player on the international market, Zen Diamond influences all the world with its unique collections and creates new demands on the consumers. With its sustainable growth, Zen Diamond maintains its brand value, as it is being an iconic brand on the perception of the customers.